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Life - Interrupted

In the midst of COVID-19 our lives look completely different than they were just a month ago. It is life - interrupted.

And there is bounty of wonderful and sage advice out there about how to handle this new normal. Each day, there seems to be a thoughtful and helpful email or two (or three) in my inbox from a different source offering hope, wisdom, insight, and encouragement. In this challenging time, there is a plethora of resources.

We are tasked with the effort and the energy to find our own way, to chart our own journey through this disrupted season. We need to sort through the information, wander around in the ideas and create new rhythms and routines that work for us. Plans that work for us in this day, in this week, in this pandemic. In this life - interrupted.

So I offer an invitation, a thought to help sort through the wealth of ideas that are there for how to implement new ways of being. Be gentle with yourself and this process. Our habits, our routines, our ways of doing life have been formulated over weeks, months, years even. And this new normal of "quarantine or shelter in place" living is new. Very new. So I invite you again and again, to be gentle as you can with you and with those you love.

Be safe and be well.

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